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Paneles Solares: Todo en una mano

Design, installation, operation and maintenance of solar installations.

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We are the right for your photovoltaic rooftop installation. We provide photovoltaic turnkey installations for homes, businesses and industries. But that’s not the end of our relationship: we accompany your clean energy adventure with our aftersale services. We are committed to you, and our quality.

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Paneles solares para casas Grupo MAE

Residential solar installations

Your energy tariff is 1 or DAC? A residential solar installation (1-10 kWP ) will suit you perfectly.


Commercial solar installations

1 to 500 kWP photovoltaic solutions 1 for 500 your business in the following tariffs: PDBT, GDBT, GDTMH and GDMTO.


Paneles solares para empresas
Unidad de Inspeccion de Instalaciones Electricas (UVIE)

Operation and maintenance of solar rooftop installations

Performance warranty

We calculate the performance of your solar installation precisely. We are convinced that our forecasts will be met . That’s why we warrant the electricity generation during the first year.

Monitoring and performance control (operation)

We monitor your solar installation remotely to detect failures inmediately. Additionally, we track electricity generation, solar irradiation and other key indicators to determine the performance ratio .


Paperwork with governmental institutions is tedious. We do that for you! We get your electricity generation and interconection permits. Therefore, we use any possible channel: the SIRESI portal, phone, email, and if necessary face-to-face. We coordinate all interactions with CFE and the independend experts (UVIE and UIIE) that verify your solar installation.


We perform all types of maintenance definded by the european morm EN 13306:2017:

  • Preventive maintenance: Annually, we verify the correct functioning of your solar installation to retain it in perfect conditions.
  • Corrective maintenance: Not every failure is avoidable. In case, we restore your solar installation.
  • Improvement: We make your solar installation more reliable, more maintainable and safer.

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